AFT - Damper valves
AFT Sp. the zoo. was founded in April 1990. The headquarters are located in Poznan, Poland.

Since the beginning of its activities, AFT deals with issues of regulation, measurement and control of the flow of the media in the industry.

The damper valves are used for regulation or for opening /closing at the temperatures up to 800 ° C and pressures up to 500mbar and can be with pneumatic, electric and manual drives, depending on the needs of the application.

The main applications are to be found in the fields:
  • Management of process gases with the contents of SO2 and SO3;
  • The flue gases generated by burning coal in power plants;
  • Hot fumes of copper, zinc in foundries and steel mills;
  • Air with cement dust (cement factories);
  • Hot air;
  • Waste gases in the chemical industry.

Production program of damper valves:
  • Damper valves for rectangular channels, maximum dimensions 12.000x12.000mm;
  • Damper valves for circular ducts DN200-DN2000;
  • Damper valves with air sealing, when a 100% sealing is needed.

More technical data about ATF product programme can be found on: