Focus of EuroCons Group, at the very beginning, was representation of renowned European companies. Cooperation with leading companies further strengthened the belief that quality is primary for every type of business.

This principle has been maintained and improved over time, as the company widened its business activities. In addition to representation, we have included design, consulting and complete engineering for diverse industrial branches, from those with the simple production processes over to those with more sophisticated ones, like the pharmaceutical industry.

Professionalism implies constant improvement of every individual of the team, and above all paying special attention to quality, from communication to realization. Respect of quality is valorized with development, and is confirmed with certificates.

ISO 9001:2008

EuroCons Group is first in Serbia to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certificates for engineering businesses in pharmaceutical manufacture, medicine and food production, as well as certificate which applies to sell of process equipment, spare parts and consumables.

ISO 9001

International standard which contains demand for quality management system in business organization which that organization has to fulfill in order to harmonize its business with international norms. Quality system is management system which brings to accomplishment of set goals when it comes to quality of doing business and providing services. This system is made of organizational structure, responsibility of the subject in organization, processes and resources needed for managing the system. Purpose of this standard is increscent of efficiency of the organization through application of process approach.

ISO 14001

Defines requirements for environmental management. Fulfillment of these demands needs to be timely documented in order to create evidence which proves that standards have been respected and that work has been efficient according to the standard. This system is management tool which enables organization to identify and control the impact of its activities, products and services to the environment, improve its relation with the environment, implement systematic approach with which it will achieve goals related to the environment and secure the evidence that it has reached set goals.

Standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Helath & Assessment Series)

Standard that defines demands for management system for health and security at work. Protection of health and security at work is intended for organizations which are aware of the importance of health security of its employees and which are constantly striving to improve and maintain the level of physical, mental and social security of their workers of all profiles, as well as preventing their injury.

SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 in order with ISO standards from series 14644

The uniqueness of company “Lab Prova” in the region has been proven in 2009 with certificate on accreditation SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 in order with ISO standards from series 14644 – first of that kind in Serbia and the region.

Excellent SME Certificate    

In 2015, company EuroCons Group became carrier of “Excellent SME” certificate by rating agency “Coface”. This certificate guarantees buyers and potential business partners that the company in poses of it is credible and reliable partner. Credibility is guaranteed by Serbian Chamber of Commerce and rating agency “Coface” and recognized “SafeSigned” technology. With this certificate our company is classified in group of successful and reliable companies, with high credit rating.

Golden Certificate AAA  

Based on business analyses for 2014, 2015 and 2016, company EuroCons Group has been granted with “Golden Certificate AAA” of Swedish rating agency “Bisnode AB”. The requirement for certification is for company to fulfill for three years strict criteria of international categorization and assessment.

It is an international certificate done according to European model for business excellence - European Foundation for Quality Management, and which has been issued for more than 20 years in 19 EU countries – license Dun & Bradstreet – partnership with d&b Bisnode AB Sweden.

According to analysis, companies with three years credit rating, as EuroCons Group has, are doing business outstanding, and their characteristics are: possibility for bankruptcy and liquidation < 0,15%, possibility for company to be deleted <0,93%, possibility for company to blocked <0,98%.

Group of Golden Certificate has 103 companies, from 443.439 active companies in Serbia, which means that EuroCons Group is one of the 1% most successful companies in Serbia.

Possession of this certificate is confirmation of economic quality of company recognized in Europe, and carriers of this acknowledgment places in the top of the domestic economy, shoulder to shoulder with any European company.