CAMFIL – Air filtration
For many years now, Eurocons Group is successfully representing the Swedish company for production of air filters – CAMFIL.

Camfil group is the world leader in the development and production of air filters. Camfil is operating on all continents with more than 26 factories and development centers. The company headquarters are in Stockholm with approximately 3700 employees.

In our offer you can find a range of products intended for air filtration:

  • Filters for air of all classes (from G2 to U17);
  • Filters for molecular filtration;
  • Casings, boxes and frames for filters;
  • Air purifiers, dust collectors and filters for gas turbines.

A more detailed list of products can be found on: 

EuroCons Group can at first hand showcase you the difference between CAMFIL air filters and the filters that you are using. We can demonstrate the difference in quality through tests performed on our Air handling unit (AHU) or through software LCC (Life –Cycle Cost).

New in our offer:

The only bag and compact filter on the market with Eurovent class A+

More information can be found on:

More information can be found on:

CAMCLEANER CITY M and CITY S – City air purifiers