Seminar: Air filtration in the food and beverage industry

24.09.2019. Hotel Serbia, Vrsac

EuroCons Group, together with the Swedish company Camfil, the world leader in the production and sale of air filters, organized a seminar entitled: "Air filtration in the food and beverage industry." The seminar was held on 24.09.2019. at the Hotel "Serbia" in Vrsac, the city where EuroCons Group was founded.

The seminar was opened by Mr. Bjorn Frendin, Director of Sales (Camfil), followed by Mr. Nebojsa Vasilev, Air Filtration Engineer (EuroCons Group), who presented the air quality to the participants. From Mr. Borislav Brzević, Regional Manager (Camfil East Europe), the participants received significant information about the role of air filters in the energy balance of the HVAC system.

The special lecturer at the seminar was Mr. Ross Dumigan, F&B Segment Manager (Camfil), with his presentation about specific applications and requirements in the food and beverage industry and air filtration solutions (Prosafe, CC6000). He also introduced the New ISO 16890 standard and the New Eurovent energy classification, as well as the New BRC F&B standard, which was of particular importance to participants.

EuroCons Group has been the exclusive representative of Camfil in the territory of Serbia and Montenegro since 2003, and from a few years ago, these two companies have successfully organized several seminars, to bring local companies knowledge of the latest air filtration solutions and applications, this time in the food and beverage industry, which is being implemented globally by Camfil.

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