59. Conference "Production and processing of oilseeds ", Herceg Novi

June 17 - 22, 2018 in Herceg Novi

From June 17 - 22, 2018 in Herceg Novi, at the hotel "Sun Resort", was held 59th conference "PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING of oilseeds ", where our company took a part, presenting the work on the topic "Improvement of the existing air filtration system using the HEPA filters to prevent microbiological contamination of the product. "

The technical solution for air filtration in the hexane extraction plant "Sojaprotein" in Becej was used as the basis for this work, which was designed and implemented by the engineers of "Sojprotein" and "EuroCons Group".

The organizers of the Conference, which has a long tradition, were D.O.O. "INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES" Novi Sad, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops - Novi Sad and Faculty of Technology - Novi Sad.

The Conference was attended by a large number of domestic and foreign professors from universities, scientists from the Institute and oil industry experts who presented results of their work, as well as the EuroCons Group.

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