Training „STRUCTOGRAM – Key of self – knowledge“

05/25 – 05/26/2018, Belgrade

The employees of the EuroCons Group had the opportunity to attend the two-day training „STRUCTOGRAM“ – Key of self-knowledge“, led by Darko Mirkovic, the first licensed trainer for the „Structogram – Training System“ in Serbia.

Darko has extensive experience and professional reputation in the fields of development of employees, training, and sales management, and his work has been supported personally by Brian Tracy, one of the largest leaders in the field of human resources development. Alterna International doo Belgarde, whose founder and director is Darko Mirković, became the holder of a regional Master licence for business skills development programs „Brian Tracy Global“.

During two days of training, employees received fantastic knowledge in the filed of personal development, sales skills, communication, team work, as well as knowledge necessary for successful business and growth of company values.

By constantly investing in employee development, EuroCons Group continuously works on improve the quality of services which provides to its partners and clients, so it always is a step ahead of the competition.

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