EuroCons Group Seminar on important novelties in the field of Air Filtration

29th of March 2018, Hotel Falkensteiner, Belgrade

Yesterday, on 29th of March 2018 in Hotel Falkensteiner in Belgrade, company EuroCons Group, together with German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Japanese Business Alliance in Serbia, organized a seminar on the topic: “Important novelties in the field of Air Filtration, Health Impact and Energy Efficiency”.

Nebojsa Vasilev, Expert in the field of Air Filtration in EuroCons Group, talked about quality of air that we breathe and impact it has on health of the people. Borislav Brzevic, Regional Manager of CAMFIL East Europe, held lecture on the topic of fine dust – PM1 particle and presented new standard for Air Classification 16890. In the last part, Dragan Damjanic, Head of the Department for Air Filtration of EuroCons Group spoke about the role of filters in energy balance of HVAC systems.

Representatives of several dozen domestic and foreign companies that are doing business in Serbia, as well as representatives of faculties and eminent institutions participated at the seminar, which shows great interest for the field of Air Filtration. During the lectures, participants had the opportunity to get useful advices and guidelines for their specific companies’ needs and problems that they are facing during the work.

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