EuroCons Group – the biggest Clean room Project in South East Europe!

In spite of extremely harsh international competition, company EuroCons Group, together with its construction firm Darnico, contracted a job for building a Clean room for the needs of new facility YURA in Leskovac. This is yet another confirmation of quality of EuroCons Group and their leadership in the field of Clean rooms in the region.

Currently, this is one of the biggest projects of Clean room in South East Europe, and first in auto industry in our country.

Total amount of panels for Clean room is almost 15.000 m2, where only one room is the size of over 6.000 m2. The deadline for this project is only 100 days from contracting the job, out of it only 75 days for installation. The work on the object has started on 15th of March, and the end is being planned for 30th of May 2018.

Complete work is conducted with panels from domestic manufacturer Termovent Komerc, with whom our company has cooperation from the early beginning of manufacturing panels for Clean rooms.

Lastly, quality of job done will be verified by our Accredited Laboratory for Validation of Clean rooms, Lab Prova.

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