EuroCons Group Company organized “MUNTERS Dehumidification Seminar”

Company EuroCons Group, in cooperation with Swedish Company MUNTERS, organized “MUNTERS Dehumidification Seminar”, which has been attended by representatives of the leading Serbian companies.

EuroCons Group is exclusive representative of Munters Company in Serbia and surrounding countries.

Munters is a global leader when it comes to the control of humidity (dehumidification/drying or humidifying) and one of the main partners for energy-efficient solutions for air treatment. Using innovative technologies the Munters engineering team has created solutions for achieving the necessary climatic conditions in industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical industry and Cooling of Data Centers.


“MUNTERS Dehumidification Seminar“ was educational and intended for mechanical engineers - designers, technologist, as well as for other experts which have shown desire to learn irrefutable facts about air humidity control. The seminar has been highly interactive, which shows huge interest of participants for advanced technology, shown at this occasion.

The director and owner of EuroCons Group, Goran Djuric, opened the seminar, after which leading expert and Sales Director of Munters Company, Owe Löfqvist, continued with lectures. Case studies of the usage of Munters equipment in Serbia, performed by EuroCons Group, were presented by Expert Associate in Engineering Department of EuroCons Group, Sasa Zivkovic.

Topics of the “MUNTERS Dehumidification Seminar“ were:
• Munters
• Humidity Problems and Control
• Dehumidification Methods
• Dehumidification Products and System
• Technical Solutions and Application
• Software Control

The seminar has been attended by representatives of the leading companies from different types of industries:
• Zdravlje A.D. Leskovac, Actavis
• Koncern Bambi A.D.
• Energoprojekt Industrija A.D.
• Galenika A.D.
• KFG Industrial Group d.o.o.
• M+W Process Engineering d.o.o.
• Mašinoprojekt KOPRING A.D.
• Somboled d.o.o.
• Termovent Komerc
• and many others.

The seminar took place in Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel in Belgrade. Radisson is the first design hotel in Belgrade, in which the spirit of the 19th century and the elements of the old mill of bricks and wood has been combined with modern decor.

Besides of the educational purpose, “MUNTERS Dehumidification Seminar“ served as a meeting place of experts from various companies and an opportunity for creating new business contacts, as well as for affirming already established successful cooperation. Successful realization of the seminar is indicator of high-quality system of business cooperation which EuroCons Group has with their principals, as well as with current and potential clients.

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