MARCHESINI GROUP (MG) is introducing the Program of Renewed (used) Packaging Machines - RINOVA

As was announced at Interpack 2017, our partner MARCHESINI GROUP (MG), is introducing the Program of their renewed (used) packaging machines, for any kind of packaging (blister, boxes, transport box, etc).

The name of the new company in the group is RINOVA and its manufacture is in Pianoro, nearby the headquarters of MG. The task of Rinova is conducting of complete mechanical and electrical repair of used machines.

In that way, life span of used MG machines is being prolonged. Buyers will have opportunity to buy checked and reliable machines from the manufacturer them self, for smaller budget. The time of shipment is also shortened, and a number of already repaired devices will always be available.

At the time being, there is an option of supplying with different models of machines for packaging of boxes, such as BA 400, BA 100, MA 155, BA 50, MA 355, MA 100, etc. The choice of sort of packaging is available, as well.

Every repaired machine is equipped with documentation which is in line with the year of production of the machine, and besides that, documentation will include every upgrade which was conducted during the repair.

Conducting FAT is possible similar as for new MG machines.

We are inviting you to see for yourself the appearance and quality of repaired machines and visit RINOVA – a new member of Machesiny Family in Pianoro.

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