Finnish Business Delegation and Ambassador Pertti Ikonen visit to Vrsac and company EuroCons Group

Vrsac, 27th of September 2017

During the official visit to Vrsac, ambassador of Finland Pertti Ikonen visited our company as well, by which he honored us and confirmed the value of partnership between Embassy of Finland and company EuroCons Group.

The cause of the visit is celebration of 100 years since Finnish independence, during which His Excellency and Finnish Business Delegation had a meeting with the Major of Vrsac, Dragana Mitrovic and businessman of city in the city Hall of Vrsac. After the meeting in the city Hall, Mr. Pertti Ikonen planted trees in the park on the Theater square. Besides planting the “The tree of friendship”, Finnish delegation donated books to the library of Vrsac Grammar school, where the ambassador held a presentation to the students as well.

After the official visit to most significant institutions of the city, His Excellency made a tour of EuroCons Group’s premises and talked with our employees, after which the Major of Vrsac Dragana Mitrovic joined the visit.

Company EuroCons Group gives great importance to development of the city of Vrsac, where it has been established and where is has been growing for 14 years, that is why is the visit of the representatives of Finnish Embassy and Finnish companies to our city another signal that Vrsac has a potential for further growth and development.

Finland is claimed to be one of the greenest countries, as well as a country which gives significant importance to education, which planting of the trees and donation of do books confirmed.

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