Munters Distributor meeting

During August, EuroCons Group took part in the Munters anuall „Distibutor Meeting“ that was held in Stockholm, from 22nd to 24th August.

The main topics of the meeting were:

- Improving the colaboration on the existing markets and growing in EMEA markets.
- Service contracts
- Wet department
- Specific applications

During the meeting EuroCons Group has presented the strategy for expanding the business on Romanian and Bulgarian market which was accepted very well from Munters side and the strategy of marketing that is applied on the domestic markets was graded as great from aspect of investing in future.

By building a good relationship with Munters itself and all the participating distributors, EuroCons Group team continues to learn from the best in the field of Dehumidification around the world and will keep a permanent course to success on the designated markets thanks to the knowledge gathered on this meeting.

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