EuroCons Group part of the delegation of Norwegian Ambassador at the business trip to City of Niš

3rd of April 2017, Niš

Company EuroCons Group, as part of the delegation of Norwegian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Arne Sanes Bjornstadom, visited City of Niš. Besides the Ambassador of Norway, representative of Embassy of Sweden in Serbia Mladen Prodanovic and Igor Madzarevic, representative of Embassy of Finland in Serbia, were part of delegation as well. Organizer of the visit was Nordic Business Alliance in Serbia with help of company Securitas.

The delegation was in one day visit to City of Niš, where it meat with the Major Darko Bulatovic and representatives of companies in Nis, with whom they talked about potentials for business cooperation. Also, the delegation visited the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.

At this occasion our company firmed its existing relations with companies from Niš, and used the opportunity to expand cooperation with some new companies.

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