AHK Work Group for Communication and PR started with work

2nd of March 2017, Belgrade

Starting of this March, AHK Work Group for communication and PR in organization of German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce started with work. The aim of this type of work is for members of AHK Serbia to exchange experiences and create contact networks among representatives of Marketing and PR sectors of companies. Work groups will be meeting quarterly and the topics will be dedicated to latest trends in fields of Communication and PR.

The host of the meeting was ProCredit Bank. The topic of the first AHK Work Group for Communication and PR was online influencers and building of corporate reputation. Lectures were held by Jelena Malenovic, Communication and PR Consultant at HR Center. In the second part of the day, media agency Beta and portal Blic.rs represented their services.

Representatives of our company had chance to get to know latest trends in the field and to establish new contacts. This type of cooperation is multiply beneficial, for education of employees as well as for creating new possibilities for business widening of EuroCons Group.

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