Donation of Air Chamber to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

27th of February 2017, Belgrade

Company EuroCons Group in cooperation with company Termovent Komerc, donated to the Faculty of mechanical engineering an Air chamber with samples of filters M5 to F9, from synthetic and glass fibers.

The aim of the donation is to enable students, as well as engineers who are attending the Course on Energy Efficiency, to directly master the field of energy efficiency in HVAC systems. In that way this Air chamber will get its full usage in theoretical, as well as in practical part of the class regarding testing of energy efficiency.

Air chamber used for examination of all sorts of filters and attestation of their efficiency, provides important information about energy savings to systems in which filters are built in, and which are achievable with right choice of filters.

With this donation, company EuroCons Group reaffirmed successful cooperation with the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Belgrade, as well as significance it gives to education of future engineers.

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