Company EuroCons Group organized lecture named “Air Filtration – technology of life importance” at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

25th of November, 2016, Belgrade

In the crowded auditorium of Faculty of mechanical engineering in Belgrade, company EuroCons Group held lecture named “Air Filtration – technology of life importance”, organized in cooperation with Swedish company “Camfil”, whose exclusive representative EuroCons Group is, and Center for Career Development and Consultation of Students of University of Belgrade.

Lecturers were Mr. Goran Djuric, Director and owner of “EuroCons Group”, Mr. Borislav Brzevic, Sales Manager of Swedish company “Camfil” ”, Mr. Dragan Damjanic, Head of Filtration Department of EuroCons Group and Mr. Nebojsa Vasilev, Expert Associate in Filtration Department in EuroCons Group.

Student had opportunity to find out from experts, more about theory of air filtration with practical usage, as well as latest findings about influence of PM1 particle on health of people. Also, lecture was about influence of right choice of filters on energy costs of air conditioning system – use of LCC software.

The aim of the lecture was to introduce to students of Faculty of mechanical engineering latest technological solutions in air filtration, which is very important in everyday life of individual person, as well as it is in industry, manufacturing processes, with which students can encounter in practice, after graduation.

By organizing this lecture, company EuroCons Group wanted to share with students knowledge and experience in the field of air filtration, at the same time fulfilling its corporate mission, that is education of future generations of engineers through different sorts of seminars and tribunes. Company EuroCons Group will endeavor to continue and develop this practice in the future.

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