Celebrated the first decade of the growth

Even three centuries ago, famous German composer Johann Sebastian Bach stated: “You are successful in the amount you are entrepreneurial”. Actuality of this thought confirms success made by M.Sc. Mech. Eng. Goran Djuric, who founded in 2003 company EuroCons Group. There were doubts among his friends and colleagues that he could, from the small town as Vrsac, succeed to make serious business step forward in transitional and turbulent times, times in which Serbian economy was singing. However, they were wrong. In only ten years, company with only one employee and business space of only 70 m², grow out in system of four firms, specialized for certain types of engineering fields, with more than 3.000 m² of modernly equipped business and storage space in ownership and 46 employees, mainly highly educated, among which 16 engineers of various profiles.

Company EuroCons Group has been recording, from year to year, serious growth, expanding its activities, building trust and increasing number of partners. Precisely with these people was shared the satisfaction of impressive development behind which is great renouncement, energy, capability to convert vision into reality.

At the celebration of the jubilee, arrived partners from many European and Serbian cities that showed great appreciation they have for EuroCons Group, raising family business. With their arrival at the celebration of the birthday of a Serbian company, they expressed respect towards it, as well as companies they are coming from.

The representatives of corps diplomatic were presented as well: Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr. Jean-Daniel Ruch, Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Mr. Christer Asp, First Secretary of Embassy of Italy, Mr. Marcko Leone, economical advisors of ambassadors of France and Austria, Mr. Pierre Grandjoun and Mr. Andreas Haidenthaler.

After the speech made by Goran Djuric, at the beginning of the at the time small firm from Vrsac, reminded the present guests Mr. Walter Pichler, director at the time, of Austrian company Gemu. At the occasion, Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr. Jean-Daniel Ruch, greeted the guests while expressing the importance of cooperation among the companies for economical and bilateral relationship between countries.

The wishes of the present guests for EuroCons Group to continue on the path of success, symbolically expressed fifteen year old Violeta’s and Goran’s successor, Darko Djuric, who, with the help of sister Jovana, let out ten big balloons in the colors of the company.

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