Company LAB PROVA, member of EuroCons Group, organized First Regional PMS Life Science Training at Jahorina

Company “LAB PROVA”, member of EuroCons Group, in cooperation with US company “Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)” and its regional partners in the field, company “Professional Technology”, from Zagreb, Croatia and company “Validacijske Meritve” from Novo Mesto, Slovenia, organized First Regional PMS Life Science Training.

LAB PROVA is the first accredited laboratory by the standard ISO/IEC17025>2006 in Serbia and the region, for analyzing and scanning Cleanrooms and controlled spaces in accordance with standards from the series ISO14644. It is general representative of company “Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)” on territory of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. PMS is world’s leading manufacturer of sensors and particle monitoring systems and microbiological monitoring.

Training was of educational character and included topics such are: Microbiology, Aerosol and Facility Monitoring Systems, with accent on application which can, in this field, are found in pharmaceutical sterile manufacture.

Given the fact that the training was regional, lectures were in English, and were highly interactive. Lecturers were experienced specialist from company “Particle Measuring Systems”, and the main topics were:

• Sterility assurance for Pharma/Life Sciences industry
• Regulatory requirements: Interpretations of EU GMP Annex 1
• Microbial Monitoring & Real - Time Microbial Monitoring
• Quality by Design for pharmaceutical products
• Fundamentals of OPC's (Optical Particle Counter)
• Particle Counter Data Interpretation
• PMS solutions and products for pharma applications

Representatives of leading pharmaceutical companies from Serbia and the region, as well as representatives of Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, Sector for inspector businesses, were present at the event:

• Hemofarm, Vrsac, Serbia
• Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, Sector for inspector businesses, Belgrade, Serbia
• Galenika, Belgrade, Serbia
• Institut of Virology, Vaccines and Sera „Torlak“, Belgrade, Serbia
• ADOC, Belgrade, Serbia
• Pliva, Zagreb, Croatia
• Genera, Rakov Potok, Croatia
• Immune Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
• Klimaoprema, Samobor, Croatia
• Atlantic Group, Zagreb, Croatia
• Krka, Novo Mesto, Slovenia and others.

Beautiful mountain Jahorina (BIH) was chosen for the location of the seminar, and participants were situated in Aparthotel “Vucko”, five stars hotel. Besides rich offer of the hotel, which company LAB PROVA provided for its guests, in the terms of full accommodation, spa center and fitness room, after the educational part of the seminar, participants had opportunity to enjoy in benefits of one of the most beautiful Olympic mountains and fresh mountain air. Some of the participants tried out mountain biking.

On the second day of the seminar, gala dinner was held in “Paradiso Bar”, with traditional food and live music, characteristic for our region. Also, in order to round up the entire experience, visit to Sarajevo and Bascarsija, was organized at the return.

With highly successful organization of the First Regional PMS Life Science Training and expressed satisfaction of participant, company LAB PROVA, and EuroCons Group itself, once again proved that it continuously, for almost 12 years, builds and maintains very quality system of business relationship, with its current buyers, as well as with its principals, world’s leading companies in their field, whose exclusive representative for Serbia and the region it is.

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