Company EuroCons Group member of Serbian state and business delegation in Kazakhstan

14th till 16th November 2016

Company EuroCons Group gladly responded to invitation to be a part of Serbian state and business delegation to Kazakhstan, led by Prime-minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, Major of city of Belgrade Siniša Mali, President of Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež and members of the Government. Visit to Kazakhstan was follow up of recently held meetings on the highest level, which for aim have upgrading of intergovernmental dialogue, improvement of business environment and creating of the framework for future joint projects, placement of goods and joint participation on third markets.

Business forum has been held for businessman, where agriculture and food industry, construction opportunities, machines construction, ICT sector, energetic and chemical industry, as well as pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry were represented.

Company EuroCons Group, recognized in the country and the region by industrial engineering, designing of innovative technologies, as well as in providing the equipment of the leading multinational companies, primarily in pharmaceutical industry, but in other industries mentioned at the forum, seized the opportunity to represent itself to potential partners in Kazakhstan and make new business connections. New visit to Kazakhstan has been arranged for 23rd of December, where representatives of other firms in our Group, Biro Plus and Lab Prova, besides EuroCons Group, will have opportunity to meet with potential investors.

With participation in Serbian state and business delegation to Kazakhstan, EuroCons Group once again proved the primacy on the market when it comes to innovative and best process solutions, and showed that it is reliable partner in the country and abroad.

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