EuroCons Group supported activity “Fight for babies” („Bitka za bebe“) of Fund B92

Yesterday was solemnly delivered the donation of EuroCons Group to the Institute for healthcare of mother and child of Serbia „Dr Vukan Čupić“. Our company donated CamCleaner, product of Swedish company Camfil, which is the world leader when it comes to development and production of air filters, through activity of Fund B92 – “Fight for babies” („Bitka za bebe“). Director of the Institute for mother and child, Radoje Simic MD, representative of Fund B92 Mila Ivanovic, representative of Camfil in Serbia, Borislav Brzevic, as well as representatives of EuroCos Group, have been present at the handover. Our company’s engineer, demonstrated on the spot, efficiency of this device.

CamCleaner – City S urban air purifier is equipped with most efficient filters which ensure healthier interior of the room. It eliminates dust, pollutants, allergens, as well as harmful particles and scents in air. Cam Cleaner can be used in all kinds of interior, and it is highly recommended for use in hospitals, operating rooms, rooms for recovery, intensive care rooms, rooms at maternity hospitals, as in all other rooms where high quality of air is necessary.

Director and owner of EuroCons Group, Goran Đurić stated on this occasion: “It is our great pleasure to donate a device like this to leading institution in country which takes care of our children’s health. CamCleaner, the device of Swedish company Camfil, represents the best of technology in the field of air purification, which will ensure safe conditions in rooms where our little patients are being treated and where they spend time. With this device, which will provide healthier surrounding, we are hoping to faster recovering of children. ‘’

Representative of the Fund B92 Mila Ivanovic stated: “ I am grateful to EuroCons Group for giving their trust to the Fund B92 and our activities which we are successfully conducting for years. We are hoping that usage of this device will significantly improve conditions of reside and treatment at the Institute for mother and child.”

With regard to donation, director of the Institute for mother and child, said: “Taking in consideration characteristics of this device, as well as necessity of having clean air in rooms of the hospital, it is our opinion that purifier will considerably contribute to the more pleasant stay of our patients. We are thankful to EuroCons Group company, as well to the Fund B92 which are through their activities continually helping to our institution.“

This is the first part of our donation. One of these devices is soon going to be gifted to Maternity Hospital “Narodni front”.

We are especially thankful to our principal, Swedish company Camfil, whose exclusive representative for Serbia and the region we are for years, for making this donation possible. Through this donation, our company has once again demonstrated its devotion to corporative social responsibility, which it is determined to continue.

You can read more about this at the Fund B92 website:

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