EuroCons Group organized CAMFIL Seminar on Air Filtration

26th – 28th October, 2016, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Company EuroCons Group, together with Swedish company Camfil, whose exclusive representative for Serbia and Montenegro EuroCons Group is , organized three-day CAMFIL Seminar on Air Filtration on mountain Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Camfil company is the world leader in the development and production of air filters. Camfil is operating on all continents with more than 26 factories and development centers. The company headquarters are in Stockholm with approximately 3700 employees.

The CAMFIL Seminar on Air Filtration was educational, with lecturers who are experienced experts from companies Camfil and EuroCons Group, with an aim to introduce Serbian market with novelties from the field of air filtration, coming in 2017.

The main topics of the seminar were:
• Basics of filtration;
• Distribution of size of air particles and the importance of size of PM1;
• Role of the filter in energy balance of HVAC systems;
• CamCleaner – independent unite for air filtration in space
; • ProSafe – security, follow up and control of filtration process within sensitive processes;
• LCC software for optimization of filter choice.

Participants were experts for filtration from important domestic companies and institutions:
• Knjaz Miloš A.D
• Imlek A.D.
• PharmaSwiss d.o.o
• Institute for health protection of mother and child Serbia, "MD Vukan Čupić"
• Soko Inžinjering
• Messer Tehnogas AD
• First Facility d.o.o.
• Fresenius Medical Care Serbia
• Koteks Viscofan d.o.o.
• Veterinary Institute Subotica
• And many other.

Beautiful mountain Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) has been chosen for the location of the seminar. Participants were situated in Aparthotel “Vučko”, where they had opportunity to enjoy in one of the most beautiful Olympic mountains, after the formal part of the seminar.

Team building has been organized in “Termag” hotel, on the first day of the seminar, where participants had a chance to try out in bowling, table tennis and table pool. On the second day, gala dinner with traditional food and music was organized in “Paradiso bar” of the Aparthotel “Vučko”. The entire seminar was rounded up with field trip to Sarajevo, and visit to Baščaršija. Main postulate of business of EuroCons Group company is trust and long-term business cooperation, as indicated by continuous investment of company into employees, as well as in clients, through various sorts of seminars and trainings.

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