New offices of EuroCons Group in hart of Belgrade

January, 2016

Our design firm, Biro Plus, designed new business space in center of Belgrade, where modern furniture was imbedded within 19th century antiques.

This unorthodox environment is new office for Biro Plus and EuroCons Group.

The space is dominated by floor coloring / gray shades of octagonal tiles mixed with warmth of wooden parquet, which is old as space itself. Every tile is handmade and dried on the sun. In order to get the feeling of depth of certain parts of the interior, tiles are reaching the wall from the floor.

Time setting of 60s from the last century, when the building in which the business space is settled, was made, used as references for selection of furniture and decoration.

Armchairs, tables and lighting pieces are from that decade, and on big graphics, objects built in that same decade, are represented.

Most monumental part is the conference hall, where are writing tables and armchairs, among them are some that date from 19th century, like the writing table which belonged to Milan Blagojevic, the creator of the wood stove, domestically known as smederevac. The lightning is in form of Edison’s light bulbs which are suspended from cables that are set in forms of geometrical lines on concrete ceiling.

Every detail in this unusual business space has its own carefully picked place, which makes the interior so much special.

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