EuroCons Group joined the Nordic Business Alliance

January, 2016

EuroCons Group became a member of the Nordic Business Alliance.

Mission of the Nordic Business Alliance is to promote Nordic business and cultural values in Serbia such are oppeness, trust, social and ecological responsibility, in order to strenghten network and cooperation between Nordic companies and Serbia and to contribute to the development of business conections and activities among them.


EuroCons Group is exclusive representative of several Nordic companies which represent the best of their industry:

  • Camfil (Sweden) – complete air filtration, dust exhaust for mixers and equipment for elimination of oil in air, CamCleaner for air purifying;
  • Munters (Sweden) –absorption dehumidifiers;
  • Finn Aqua (Finland) – distiller for water for injection;
  • AVK (Denmark) – valves for use in pipelines, sewerage, fire services and gas pipes.
  • Ellab (Denmark) – T and RH equipment
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