EuroCons Group became member of the Friends of UNICEF Club

7th of March 2016

EuroCons Group once again showed humanity, by joining the Friends of UNICEF Club, and becoming their regular monthly donor, hoping to make lives of children a bit better with its contribution.

Today in Serbia 12% of children lives in poverty, 28% doesn’t have proper nutrition, 50% of children age 3 to 5 attends kindergarten, 15% of pupils till age 15 are functionally illiterate, 43% of children experienced some form of violent disciplinary action at home, and 80% of children in institutions are children with disabilities.

Donors of the Friends of UNICEF Club improve health institutions in order to provide adequate health care to all children, expand the capacities of kindergarten in order to enable more children to attend them, secure conditions for children to have quality education and family surroundings which will support them on their way to accomplish their full potentials.

By providing regular support, members of the Friends of UNICEF Club, help children to fulfill their rights and live happier lives, because every child deserves love and care.

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