The first Czech green field investment in Serbia

IMG Manufacturing opens a factory for plastic products in Vršac.

IMG Manufacturing, a subsidiary of the Czech IMG Boehmia, opened a 5-million-euro facility for production of plastic products - extruded sheets and plastic tanks - in the Technology Park in Vršac.

At the opening ceremony on 25th April 2023, the Czech Ambassador Tomas Kuchta underlined that the IMG factory in Vrsac was the first Czech greenfield investment in the country, after which an increasing number of Czech companies was expected to invest in Serbia.

The EuroCons Group (ECG) is proud of partnering with the Vojvodina Development Agency on brining the IMG Manufacturing to Vrsac. ECG provided a construction land for the factory, while its subsidiary Biro Plus was entrusted with designing the entire manufacturing complex and oversight of the construction process.

The factory is designed in line with all the intranational standards and it does not have any negative effects on the environment.

This facility is only the first out of the three investments phases worth 15 million euro in total, which will expand production to plastic parts for cars, trucks and buses. The industrial complex will be fully operational by 2025 and will employ 113 people.

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