Team building – Rafting on Tara and Drina

We spent the last weekend of June enjoying rafting on the Tara and Drina rivers and convinced ourselves that this environment is excellent for team building activities.

With the help of skilled skippers, we successfully navigated all the rapids and learned how to row together to the finish line. Movement of a boat is a great example of how important cooperation is for any team committed to a common goal. We tried out, just for fun, to row one side of the boat forward and the other one back. The boat was just going round and round.

On the way to the Tara river canyon, we visited Višegrad and walked over the bridge on the Drina, while on the way back we visited the railway station Šarganska osmica and Drvengrad on Mokra Gora.

EuroCons Group has more than 110 employees in Belgrade and Vršac. Team building is an opportunity to get together and take a joint break from regular activities. Our teams are currently finalizing large projects such as the manufacturing facility of the company Nidec Elesys Europe in Novi Sad and are also preparing for new projects.

Our return to the offices was marked by anecdotes, photos and videos from the team building. Under positive impressions, we have already been discussing how the next team building should look like and we hope that an even larger number of colleagues will join us.

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