Great success for EuroCons Group company and all our employees!

The company EuroCons Group was awarded the prestigious plaque of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, for the greatest contribution to the development of the industry in the South Banat region.

The award is a significant recognition for all our projects, and above all for INNOVATION IN THE FIELD OF CLEAN & DRY ROOM, where the company EuroCons Group is a leader, not only in Serbia, but also in the region, as well as for all other advanced technical solutions that we implement in our projects.

This is also recognition for the efforts we are making and the success we are achieving in attracting foreign investments to our region, and above all, in the progress of the development of the city of Vršac.

The award was presented to the owner and director of the company, Mr. Goran Đurić, who has been progressively leading the company EuroCons Group for 19 years, and has been recording increasing success in business, both on the domestic and foreign markets.

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