Eurocons solutions for Clean / Dry Room environment in the production of lithium-ion batteries!

EuroCons Group participated at the recent Automotive & Mobility Forum held last week in Sofia, where the main topic was Innovation trend and technologies for a new automotive era, conclusion - THE CAR OF THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC!

Manufacturing lithium-ion batteries is a complicated technical process that has many challenges - not the least of which is the requirement for all processing of the lithium electrodes for the battery cells to be done under very low humidity conditions and in a low particulate environment. These important requirements demand Dry Room/ Clean Room.

EuroCons Group has the experience and expertise to be able to offer you turn-key solutions for the best possible environment in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. We understand the lithium-ion battery industry, and how every type of battery needs different production conditions.

Looking forward to brighter and cleaner future...

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