EuroCons Group sponsor of the play “Suspicious Face”, by Branislav Nusic, directed by Ivan Bekjarev

14th of April 2016, Big hall of Home of Unions, Belgrade

By sponsoring one of the greatest comedies in Serbian literature and theater, “Suspicious Face” by Branislav Nusic, directed by Ivan Bekjarev, our company, once again, gave it contribution to development of Serbian culture, as well as to improvement of quality of film and theater art in the region.

Characters of the play were personalized by the eminent cast: Robert Kjosev, Milica Milša, Milan Kalinić, Ivan Bekjarev, Marijana Mićić, Milan Caci Mihajlović, Saša Joksimović, Dubravko Jovanović, Branislav Zeremski i Bojan Lazarov.

After the play, our company organized a cocktail in the theater’s foyer for its distinguished partners. Finest vines of city of Vrsac have been served, while the cast of this timeless comedy joined the guests.

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