RTS Ordination 08.03.2020 / Air Quality and 5 Lung Tips

03/08/2020, RTS, Belgrade

On Sunday 08.03. at 2pm, on the show „RTS Ordination“ on the first channel of national TV station RTS, Director of EuroCons Group, Goran Djuric and Air Filtration Engineer Nebojsa Vasilev were guests and answered many questions about the quality of the air we breathe.

The show discussed how to maintain good air quality in your home, how much PM particles are dangerous and what all the dangerous substances are in the air, what sites you can find out about the air quality in your area, whether you should open a window when the air is polluted, what kind of home air purifier to choose, and many more interesting topics.

We invite you to watch the whole show at the following link:


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