ECG seminar: The facts about the AIR QUALITY: How do we measure and solve the impact of air pollution on human health?

02/27/2020, BAH – Belgrade Art Hotel, Belgrade

On 27th February 2020, our company organized a seminar with a support of Japan Business Alliance in Serbia, German-Serbian and Italian-Serbian Chambers of Commerce. The seminar was dedicated to the topic of air quality and the influence of air pollution on human health.

EuroCons experts, together with the special guest of the seminar, Prim.dr sci.med. Branislava Matic (Head of department for human ecology and school hygiene, Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut”), provided the participants with more detailed information about the topic that is always actual and that is air pollution and its impact on the health, vitality and life expectancy.

Mr. Goran Djuric, director and Mr. Nebojsa Vasilev, engineer for filtration, EuroCons Group, have brought the topic of air pollution in our surrounding and in closed spaces where people spend about 22 hours in average closer to the participants, while Mrs. Matic explained in more details what are the long-term consequences of the pollution and which categories are the most affected ones.

Gathered companies had also the chance to receive specific advises on how to effectively protect and improve the quality of life, because solutions exist, and the basic human right we have at birth is to breathe: CLEAN AIR!

This event has once again raised the awareness about the importance of the air quality topic with a hope that we will all be more devoted to preserving and improving our environment and therefore the air as well, which will increasingly be a topic to resolve in the future.

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