ECG seminar in Skopje "Clean room design, RH regulation and VHP decontamination technology"

11/12/2019, Skopje, Macedonia

EuroCons Group, in cooperation with its partner for Macedonia, Eurocom Solutions, organized a seminar entitled: "Clean room design, RH regulation and VHP decontamination technology". The seminar was held on December 11, 2019 at the Queen's Hotel, Skopje, Macedonia.

Mr. Zoran Ilievski, Director of Eurokom Solutions, opened the seminar in front of a full hall of representatives of numerous companies from Macedonia, after that, the participants were addressed by Mr. Goran Djuric, Director of EuroCons Group. Ms. Zorana Boltic, Consultant for EuroCons Group, presented GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), while Clean room design was presented by Mr. Petar Markovic (Termovent Komerc).

Mr Zeidan Al-Jamal (Munters) and Mr. Nikola Pavlovic (EuroCons Group) provided participants with information regarding complete solutions for temperature and humidity regulation, while Mr. Bruno Aze (Steris) in his final lecture presented Steris solutions in the field of VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) decontamination.

It was a great opportunity for the companies in Macedonia to see the latest solutions coming from two multinational companies Munters and Steris, which are both global leaders in their fields.

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