Team building EuroCons - Camfil - Munters

December 04 - 06, 2019

In Vrsac, our company organized a three-day team building in the period 04 - 06 December, with representatives of our two principal companies from Sweden: Camfil and Munters.

The working part of this meeting was working on plans to expand and improve cooperation, which has been going on for many years. Our partners also visited the EuroCons Logistics Center, which became part of the EuroCons Group in early 2019.

A tour of Vrsac, the city where EuroCons Group was founded more than 16 years ago, was also organized. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy the sightseeing of cultural and historical sites, as well as the panorama of the city, which extends from the famous Vrsac tower - a symbol of the city.

The whole program was complemented by a Gala Dinner at the Hotel Villa Breg.

As before, our plans are to continue to build a relationship of trust and long-term business cooperation with our principal companies Camfil and Munters, which is the main postulate of EuroCons Group's business.

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