Graver Technologies
Graver Technologies is a part of Marmon Group, Berkshire Hathaway Company, worldwide famous association with 11 different product sectors and annual turnover of 7 billion US$. This company designs, develops and manufactures equipment which enables and supports separation, purification and process filtration.

After 150 years of work and existence, Graver Technologies has developed product assortment which can be divided in four different sectors:

• Filters for microfiltration of fluids
• Ion masses and systems for condensate polishing
• Additional filtration devices – adsorbers
• Filters for filtration of compromised air and gases

In 2012, EuroCons Group became exclusive representative of Graver Technologies for Serbia and the region.

Management and quality control system is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certificates, including 10CFR50 App. B-QAC for nuclear facilities, ASME Section VII, PED 97/23/EC and NSF International. Graver Technologies offers various types of filters of different porosity, dimensions and degree of filtration. You can take a look on some of their filters below.

• Membrane (PES, PTFE)

• Pleated (Polypropylene, glass fiber)

• Housing for filters
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