AFT - Damper valves
Since its foundation in 1990 in Poznan, Poland, AFT has been dealing with issues of regulation, measurement and control of media flows in the field of industry. Dump valves wich are most often used for these purposes are also the main product of the AFT company.

Damper valves are used for regulation or opening / closing at temperatures up to 1000 ° C and pressures up to 500 mbar and can be pneumatically, motor or manually operated depending on the need and application.

Production program:

Dumper valves for rectangular ducts for gases and air produced in dimensions up to 13 000 x 13 000 mm.

Damper valves for circular ducts for gases and air produced in dimensions from DN 50-10.000;

Tandem damper valves and double blade damper with air sealing system they are used in case of need for 100% sealing. Complete sealing is achieved by supplying air between the valve blades, the overpressure prevents the flow of working media.

Safety and check valve – DN200-DN2000

Flap damper – 200 x 200 – 6000 x 6000 mm

Diverter / 3-way valve – for circular ducts from DN350-DN2500, or rectangular from 350 x 350 – 2500 x 2500

Product datasheet:

AFT-ECOV_Soft-seal Butterfly Valves_datasheet_en
AFT-LDV_Louvre Damper Valves_datasheet_en
AFT-MS_Materials and sealing types_datasheet_en

More informations regarding products can be found:
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