Stag is a Swiss company that designs and builds systems for pneumatic transport of bulk material (ash, cement, sand, etc.). The production program includes the components of the pneumatic transport system as well as the elements for processing, measuring and storage of materials.

Production program:

• Valves and components for bulk material

• Components for pneumatic conveying system (pressure vessels, pipe elements, etc.

New: "Dense-Flow-System-XTreme" – is a passive system for pneumatic transport that does not require additional or active energy consumption in addition to the pressure vessel. Thanks to high-quality ceramics (aluminum oxide), from which the transport pipes are made, the system has high wear resistance. By choosing the appropriate protective materials (basalt, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide), according to requirements, optimal solution can be obtained in terms of price and performance.

More informations on:

• Crushers and mills for crushing agglomerated material

• Mechanical conveying systems (closed conveyor belt, chain conveyor)

• Discharge systems for silo and bunker (conveying poor flowing bulk products)

• Rail unloading systems

• Dosing systems (gravimetric dosing, volumetric dosing)

More about products and company can be found at:

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