Cera System
Cera Sistem is a German company engaged in the production of ceramic parts (valves, pipes, etc.) as well as system solutions based on ceramic components.

Production program:

Ceramic ball valves wear and corrosion resistant, thanks to the wide range of ceramic and valve body materials which can be offered, these valves can be applied in almost all branches of industry. je.

Product catalog: CERA_Valves_engl_web

Ceramic sliding disc valves thanks to its construction in contact with the working fluid is only ceramic so the valve is suitable for highly corrosive media. Depending on the model, they can be used for operating pressures up to 250 bar and temperatures up to 450 C

Product catalog: CERA_Scheibenschieber_Prospekt_ENG

Ceramic pipes, hoses and pipe elements pipes, hoses, elbows, reducers, T-pieces, Y-pieces coated with ceramic (wall thickness approx.. 6 mm (1/4")) are use in distribution of highly abrasive media.

Product catalog: CERA_Pipe_engl_web

Hydrocyclone filters devices for separation of solid and liquid materials that do not mix (emulsions) or do not dissolve in the carrier medium (suspensions). The separation is performed by centrifugal force which is a consequence of the rotation of the fluid inside the filter itself. It can be used for separation of particles of between 0.5 to 5 µm.

Product catalog: CERA_PB_en_Hydrocyclone_web

More product and company information can be found at: https://www.cerasystem.com/
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