Munters - Professional approach to humidity control
Munters is a global leader when it comes to the control of humidity (dehumidification/drying or humidifying) and one of the main partners for energy-efficient solutions for air treatment.

Using innovative technologies the Munters engineering team has created solutions for achieving the necessary climatic conditions in industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical industry and Cooling of Data Centers.

Munters air treatment started in 1955. Today production of the Munters units is located in more than 30 countries with more than 2,700 employees.

Scope of application of Munters:

  • Adsorption dehumidification (Figure 1.1)
  • Humidifying (Figure 2.2)
  • Adiabatic cooling
Slika 1.1 Adsorption dehumidification   Slika 2.2 Humidifying


The principle of Munters rotor

The process of dehumidification is based on a unique Munters honeycomb® Adsorption rotor:

  • The process air passes through the rotor which adsorbs moisture and comes out as dry air
  • The heated reactivation air "collects" moisture from the rotor and emerges as humid and hot air, leaving the rotor dry.

The described principle was patented by Karl Munters.

For more than 50 years this principle was perfected.

Result: A reliable product that will meet all the requirements for moisture control.

The principle of operation is kept even today but with constant improvement of the materials that are being used and the controller of the device.

Today, Munters products are energy-efficient, with applications in cleanrooms with precise control.




Munters Application areas

  1. Warehouses (trailers)

  2. Pools

  3. Shipyards and ports

  4. Power plants

  5. Supermarkets

  6. Military industry

  7. Pharmaceutical laboratories

  8. Food industry

  9. Offices

Devices for diverse use can be found in the Munters production program, from small mobile devices suitable for use in archives, containers, vessels, vehicles (especially in military), through the IceDry series intended for use at temperatures below 0 ° C, to complex devices that can meet the most strict required conditions for moisture control in the pharmaceutical industry.

Results of using Munters IceDry:


The novelty in Munters production program

Munters OASIS for Cooling of Data Centers

Oasis evaporative indirect cooling systems apply all the latest innovations that can be found in the market of evaporative cooling system.

The biggest change is the use of patented Munters heat exchanger made of polymer. The above-mentioned heat exchanger is suitable for use with all qualities of water.

Oasis evaporative cooling systems significantly reduces the power that is needed to cool the data centers and in all climatic zones.

Principle of work of Oasis units

From inside the data center ( i.e. The space you want to cool) the hot air is transported to the heat exchanger by the means of fans. Exchange of the heat between the inside and the outside air is performed through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is air-to-air type so the two air flows are not being mixed (external and internal), it only performs energy exchange. If this kind of cooling isn’t sufficient the system opens thewater nozzles through which the heat exchanger is being humidified, so then we have an indirect evaporative cooling effect. When eventhis kind of cooling is not enough (in days with extremely high humidity and temperature), an air-water heat exchanger is started or a direct expansion system by which the further cooling of the air is accomplished.

More information about the Munters company can be found on:
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