Dwyer is a global leader in the production of instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity , control of Quality of air… Dwyer Instruments have over 650 patents, and every year the number of patents increases. Dwyer's development team is located in Michigan in the US , with a wide network of partners throughout the world.

Dwyer applies the following solutions:

- high product quality and reliability;
- high level of automation and production flexibility ensures prompt delivery of selected instruments;
- engineering team is available for any technical questions.

Areas of Dwyer application:

- Building Automation, smart building ( Figure 1.1 )
- Water, waste water (Figure 1.2)
- Automation of valves (Figure 1.3)
- HVAC (Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.1. Dwyer in Building automation

Figure 1.2 Dwyer – use in water distribution

Figure 1.3 Dwyer - use in automatization of valves

Figure 1.4 Dwyer - HVAC

The most famous Dwyer products in Serbia are the Magnehelic instruments.

These are gauges that measure the pressure drop in HVAC systems. They are mostly used to measure the pressure drop in the filters. They can be with analog displays ( Figure 1.5 ), digital, or as providers of signals

Figure 1.5

More information about the Dwyer company can be found on: www.dwyer-inst.com
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