Toray – Innovation by Chemistry
Toray Industries Inc. Japan (Toray) is world leader when it comes to production of membranes. The company has outstanding reputation, because it quickly response to the market needs in a wide range of applications from ultra pure water to treatment of wastewater, including:

• Process water for semiconductors, pharmaceutical and energy industry;
• Desalination of sea water for drinking and irrigation;
• Municipal wastewater treatment for ecological disposal and reuse;
• Recovery of valuable process material in food production process.

EuroCons Group is exclusive representative of Toray for Serbia and the region.

Today, production line covers wide range of state-of-the-art composite polyamide membranes, manufactured in ISO 9001 certificated objects.

Starting in 1967, when the division, Water treatment membranes’’ stood out, all the way to present, TORAY is global leader in production of membranes for:





Toray, antiscalant brend ,,ROPUR''
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