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EUROCONS GROUP is a leader in the region in the field of industrial engineering, design and innovative technologies, as well as offering equipment from leading multinational companies, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in other industries. It offers state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of "clean rooms", taking primacy in the market.

The main activities are consulting, engineering and representation of leading multinational companies.

EuroCons Group was registered by Goran Đurić, a mechanical engineer, on September 30, 2003, in Vršac. Ambitious and extremely competent, he followed his vision of developing a small company into a system that will be able to implement projects on a turnkey basis, from consulting, design, construction and installation of equipment from renowned manufacturers, to commissioning, servicing and after-sales support. Therefore, investments were made, work was done on expanding the activities, in order to achieve that goal.

Today, the company ranks among the leaders in creating, designing and introducing the highest quality process solutions and improving the overall business.

2006 was marked as a key year for the development of the EuroCons Group.

With the acquisition of the company "BIRO PLUS", the problem of designing demanding industrial plants has been solved.

With the establishment of the company "DARNICO", a valid support for construction, installation and service work was obtained.

Validation of completed projects in production processes was also resolved in 2006, with the establishment of the company "LAB PROVA" in Belgrade. The professional classification of "clean rooms" is taken over by the expert team of the laboratory.

In 2017, "ECONS", a company in Croatia, based in Zagreb, was founded, which aims to offer the Croatian market the latest technology in the field: air and water filtration, humidity control and validation of clean rooms.

From 2003 until today, the company EuroCons Group has grown into a system of five companies specializing in certain engineering jobs, with over 8,000 meters of modernly equipped business and warehouse space owned by over 95 employees, mostly highly educated, including over 40 engineers. different profiles, while the professional staff consists of experts with extensive experience in design, construction and maintenance.

Starting as a "link that connects", the company EuroCons Group today offers the latest technological solutions and projects and becomes an indispensable participant and partner in the development of new technologies and their application in the most sophisticated industries, with a tendency of constant improvement and progress.

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