Mission and Vision


We live in a time of rapid technological progress. We, in EuroCons Group, aim to be a company that makes a real contribution to the implementation of the latest technological solutions, primarily in the field of CLEANROOM technology, but in the other industrial fields, as well.

We strive to be a true partner to the global leaders, but also to become a global partner ourselves and a support to the business systems and firms in the country and in the region. We constantly improve our knowledge so that we can always react constructively within the technological, financial and time limits, in order to optimize the system solutions, always taking into account the protection of both working and living environment.


We were a “link that connects”. Today we efficiently offer state of the art technological solutions and projects.

We aspire to become an indispensable participant and partner in the development of new technologies and their implementation within the most sophisticated industry fields. Our goal is to enter the ranks of leaders in creating, designing and introducing the solutions of highest quality and improvement of overall business. We put our knowledge, innovativeness and influence to the service of efficient use of engineering technologies to the satisfaction of process bearers and users of products and services.

Therefore, we constantly improve our efficiency and we raise the quality of our work to a higher level. We operate constructively, provide reliability and nurture mutual trust with our partners and clients. We tend to make our team the role model of dedication to constant technological development that is shaping the future for general welfare.

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