Lab Prova
And the third "stumbling block" - the validation of finished projects in production processes, was solved in 2006 by founding Lab Prova in Belgrade. Lab Prova is a pioneering company of this profile in the region, which in 2009 obtained the ISO17025 certificate of accreditation that confirms the competence of personnel and competency for examination, testing and issuing the certificates in accordance to the 14644 series of the ISO standards.

That same year, 2009, and only a year after its establishment in Serbia, EuroCons Group was the first to gain the rigorous ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for engineering jobs in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medicine and food production, as well as a certificate which refers to the placement of process equipment, spare parts and raw materials.

These two certificates gave an additional boost to competitiveness of EuroCons Group.

More information can be found on the web site:

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