Eurocons Logistic Center
Eurocons Logistic Center is located at the entrance of Vrsac, direction from Belgrade. This location is part of Vrsac Industrial technological park, official name Blok 80 . Complete location is designed as one technological park dedicated for NEW INVESTORS, Greenfield investment.

Total area of this location is 32.144 m2 . On this location there is almost 5.000 m2 of buildings with big parking area for cars & trucks and communication roads inside the site.

We have the following buildings on site:
1. Warehouse with racks - 2 000 m2
2. Ground warehouse - 1.200 m2
3. Production facilities - 1.500 m2
4. Workshop - 160 m2
6. Guard house - 100 m2

All buildings are in functions, rented to the following companies on long term basis
1. Conta, Germany
2. West Pharmaceutical Services, USA
3. Palladio Group, Italy
4. Stada, Germany

Complete site is fenced and on at the entrance on site there is fully equipped Guard house – with central camera monitoring system for complete site and workshop building with our team of technicians responsible for site maintenance.

Sites infrastructure is completely equipped – electricity, gas, waste water system, city water, internet and road connections.

Since the total area of land is more than 32000m2 there is a potential to build the new buildings (warehouses, production plants, workshops) depends on potential investor requests. Available land for new Investor is more than 16.000 m2.

Also custom terminal &offices is planned to be located on site what could help a lot for import &export activities.

Since we have our own design biro and Installation Company we are capable to finish complete industrial plants by our own on turnkey basis in period of 6-12 months depends on size and complexity of new buildings. We are very open for different way of cooperation and be very glad to hear your proposal for cooperation.

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