Eurocons Investment Location
Eurocons Investment Location is located at the entrance of Vrsac, direction from Belgrade, just opposite the main entrance in Vrsac Technological Park . This location is part of Vrsac Industrial technological park, official name Blok 80 .

Complete location is dedicated for the NEW INVESTORS, for Greenfield investment. Total area of this location is about 11 000m2.

On this location there is one existing office building, area of 300m2, with big parking area at the entrance on the location.

Sites infrastructure is completely equipped with electricity, gas, waste water system, city water, internet and road connections.

According the actual Municipality investment plan the new road with sidewalk and complete infrastructure lines is planned along our land which allows entrance on land along complete lengths of land, which means so big flexibility in planning the future buildings.

Since we have our own design biro and Installation company we are capable to finish complete industrial plants by our own on turnkey basis in period of 6-12 months depends on size and complexity of new buildings. We are very open for different way of cooperation and be very glad to hear your proposal for cooperation.

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