Biro Plus
The experience during the first few years has imposed the need for more efficient ways to design. Therefore, in 2006 a specialized company Biro Plus was taken over, with a long list of references which date back to 1954.

In a short period of time Biro Plus became a great support for EuroCons Group’s business.

Clients of the Group, including those who entrust us with the construction and equipping of their facilities on a "turnkey" basis, receive advice before the very start of the design in order to implement the best solutions.

The team of Biro Plus designs objects intended for production processes as well as those for completely different purposes. Associates of Biro Plus are working on reconstruction, adaptation, extension and expansion projects.

At the same time, Biro Plus does all administrative activities related to obtaining construction permits, performing inspection and testing of electrical installations, as well as managing the complete control and technical acceptance of the facility.

More information can be found on the web site:

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