“Day of the company“ EuroCons Group – 12 years in business, Team building

30th of September 2015

On Wednesday 30th of September 2015, EuroCons Group celebrated 12 years of successful business with team building, which was organized in one bowling arena in Zemun.

Employed in four companies of EuroCons: EuroCons Group, BiroPlus, LabProva and Darnico marked the “Day of the company“ with sport games, association and marry spirit.

The purpose of the competition in bowling, darts and table tennis, was strengthening of the team spirit, and the winner team was awarded with the cup. Individual competitions were expressed as well, and the best bowler of the entire competition was declared.

Team building has once again showed great team spirit which doesn’t lack in doing business of the EuroCons Group employees, which significantly contributes to the overall business success of the company.