Aqua Innovation GmbH
Aqua Innovation GmbH, with headquarters in Rotkreuz (Switzerland) manufactures and projects systems which use UV-C light for disinfection of water and air.

Systems with UV-lamps are applicable in all segments of industries, with special accent on:

• Pharmaceutical industry (where it is possible to offer units in accordance with very strict pharmaceutical demands);
• Food industry (systems for disinfection of water which comes in contact with or is a part of products);
• Open and closed water waste systems;
• Water pipe (disinfection of drink water, which decreases usage of chemicals, including chlorine);
• Systems for reduction and elimination of ozone.

Special systems are provided for disinfection and sterilization of air, as well as for inner spaces or for central air condition and ventilation.

UV-lamps for closed spaces are located in stainless housing, and air flow through it is provided by ventilator of suiting capacity so that staff can without nuisance stay in the space, while UV lamp is working, which provides constant work and extermination of microorganisms.

More technical information about Aqua Innovation’s product line, you can find at:

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