WEY by Sistag – Knife gate valves and gate valves
SISTAG is a Swiss company whose products are in accordance with the highest standards of technology. With extensive experience in developing innovative design, the company SISTAG has become famous for unique solutions for complex problems valve. For this reason we provide our clients with support from start to finish.

  • Wey cutter valves are used for the cut-off or control the flow of sediment, sludge, granulate, loose and abrasive materials.
  • Wey parallel slide gate valves are used to open and close the channel. Nude seal regardless of the direction of fluid flow depending on the application. Standard materials are lightweight, but very high quality.

Depending on the needs, the valves are made of different materials with a wide range of control of the drive.

Given the uncompromising quality and very low maintenance, a long-term exploitation is provided.

Wey products are used in a number of industries and applications. Regardless of whether it comes to mining, water treatment, food & beverage, chemical and petrochemical industry, biomass, or transport of cement, whenever liquids, powders or solutions must be controlled, companies rely on WEY products.

More technical information about WEY - SISTAG production program can be found at:


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